Gerry Keane is on Wireless Skateboards

Strays Edit, Street Skateboarding in Belfast

Loko Super 8

2016 Insta Remix

Marc Beggan x Wireless Skateboards

Marc Beggan VX Remix

Mini Brown salmon slam, while out filming for the Loko Skate Supply video ‘So It Is’


Wireless at the Driving Range

Marc hucking a backside kickflip in Setubal

marc beggan - bs flip

Marc throws down a fat snap somewhere in Belfast

Marc Ollie in Belfast - pic by Dodds

Bonkers K grind to fakie in Lisbon while Niall C gets tips from a wineo on how to kick flip back tail

jonny - crook fakie

Bonkers Brown collab, Bonkers board slide transfer, Mini frontside ollie at Clongriffen Skatepark Dublin

Mini and bonkers clongriffin skatepark - pic by Dodds

Mini Brown kickflipping at the flipping Derry/Londonderry diy hotspot

Mini Brown Kickflip pic by Dodds

 Mini Hitting up Bridges iPhone style